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“MONACCA” is a brand name for products made of thinned Japanese cedar in Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture in Japan.Cedar is the most popular tree in Japan and it has been widely used as building materials since the 1940′s governmental forestation project. Umazi Village was one of the many places of forestation and their traditional “Yanase”cedars were planted. In order to obtain good quality timber the maintenance of forests is absolutely necessary.If the forest is too dense, the trees’ growth will be stunted due to the lack of sun-light and forest resources will be damaged.To avoid this, it is necessary to thin the forest regularly.As a result of tree thinning a lot of thinned wood used to be left in the forest. However, thequality of these trees are good as well.
Umazi Village took another look at this matter from an ecological viewpoint and established ECOASU UMAZIMURA Inc. in order to carry out a reuse project exploring the feasibility of cedar wood.

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