About likestone
In Gifu Prefecture, ‘Minoyaki’ is the word for the various ceramics and pottery produced in the eastern agriculture region. With a history of ceramic goods spanning a millennium, they have supported Japanese ceramics until the present day, with a domestic share of over 60%. Foremost is the city of Toki, famous in Japan for producing the donbur bowls used in izakaya pubs and restaurant. Since Housen-Gama was established here in 1947, they have worked to provide many types of wares, focusing their business on dining ware. Particular about the earthen materials we use, we are a company passionate about making original works from clay, with our own devised blends. Likestone is a new ceramics brand that has inherited the land’s particulars and characteristics. By mixing clay with broken half-finished ceramics we have crushed, mixing together different colors of clay, and by giving the products a matte finish, we create products with a unique texture. A material effect like stones pulled from rivers and beaches is created, with some resembling marble stone as well. The textures, produced naturally, with a highly organic feel, will make you feel at peace just by taking it in hand and looking at it. Daily goods like flower vases, cups, saucers and bento boxes are designed as if they were carved directly from the stones themselves. As sushi and ramen become more popular overseas, the day has come for Japanese style dining ware to be used widely overseas. Likestone, while preserving the Japanese style, offers ceramic products that combine functionality and design with new lifestyles.

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