For over a thousand years “Kodo”, or Way of incense smelling, has been a culture involving the use of natural wood. It is the art of enjoying incense by emphasizing etiquette and behavior while venerating the spirit of Zen, as in the sado tea ceremony. Based on the premise that each individual scent has a soul of its own, we discover various inspirations from the changing of the seasons and the use of natural ingredients. In the spirit of Kodo, even flavors and scents found in our everyday life impart a sensitive nature to scents. We venerate the scent which is understated and pure yet. That delicate aroma when eating soba noodles. The dry and fruity scent of sake. That green scent when walking in a moss-filled bamboo forest. The relaxing quality of tatami mats and matcha tea in a tearoom. While there are many varieties of citrus scents such as “yuzu” available in the market, temples are surrounded by the scent of different plants, which is composed of the individual scents of herbs like Japanese pepper, ginger and “mitsuba”parsley. We created the KITCHIBE / likestone brand to introduce the enchanting yet mysterious Japanese sense to the world.

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