GOKANKAKU (Five Senses)

Paper’s development occurred concurrently with the growth of the world’s culture and improvement in quality of life. Many paper-made products, such as books for example, have become indispensable to our lives. Japan has an extraordinary culture of paper in the world, utilizing it in various ways from ritual services to decorating auspicious greetings on turning points in life. The people of Japan have entrusted their “heart”, the feelings of compas­sion and care, in paper. There is no material more interesting than paper, if you face it with sharpened senses. Vision, scent, sound, touch and taste. Through your five senses, it will bring surprise and inspiration to your daily life. Wanting to touch and smell it. Having such honest feelings will be your first step to a rich and fulfilling life. For one hundred and thirty years since its estab­lishment, Maruai has been close to people’s lives through “paper.” We wish to suggest “the new lifestyle that expands from paper,” based on our knowledge acquired on the depth of paper.

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