About FLOW

FLOWは染め付けを得意とする瀬戸市の眞窯とデザイナー島村卓実(→ ウェブサイト)がコラボレーションしたセラミックブランドです。






FLOW is a ceramic brand created through the collaboration between Singama, a ceramic manufacture in Seto, and the designer Takumi Shimamura (Website).

Singama pottery is known for its blue and white colors and the floral designs painted on ceramic. For our new brand, we decided to combine the two-dimensional ornaments with the three-dimensional objects in a complementary union, creating designs that marries flat patterns with dynamic forms. As these floral patterns are a component of Singama’s identity, the design would not be complete without them. Patterns take on a new meaning thanks to their interaction with the new shapes.

The flowers on the ceramic tumblers occupies a low position, but as we move on larger glasses, flowers grow taller following ceramic stems.

The shapes of the tumblers themselves evokes flower. The flower stalks painted on the ceramic stems extend to meet the flowers on the surface of the glass.

With this modified round plate, the stem of Hydrangeas grows out of the plate, asserting its presence.

This long plate is designed to look just like a pressed Tulip. The flowers and the stalks jut out of the plate, emphasizing the beauty of patterns.

Our flower bud cups feature slender handles where stalks are painted. These stalks connect the flowers on the cup’s surface, extending themselves on a three-dimensional projection.

Perfect for beer, wine, snacks or coffee, tea and cakes, this exquisite union of two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements will make your food taste even better.

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